It is the Policy of Bumi Tunggal Maju Sdn. Bhd. (BTMSB) to provide consistent contract cleaning and support services to its customers on time and within budget.


Our company further recognizes that in order to maintain customer satisfaction, it must conform to our customer expectations and completely fulfill its obligations in accordance with the specifications.


Our commitment begins with the establishment of an in-house, continuous improvement program. We give our employees a sense of achievement that leads to improved productivity and customer satisfaction.


Quality is an integral of part all work performed and all employees are required to comply with the policy of the company and conform to the requirements if the Quality Systems.



All employees are made aware of these requirements by their manager and refresher training is undertaken as required to ensure that the requirements of the customers are being met at all times.



1.Responsibility For Quality Control

Bumi Tunggal Maju Sdn Bhd will institute and maintain a properly documented and effective quality control system monitor our operation and ensure that we provide the standards of service , cleanliness and hygiene required by the authority. We would also hope to involve your staffs in the quality control process as far as this practical since this enhances the effectiveness of quality control.

2.Development And Maintenance Of Quality Control

We shall give particular attention to:

a. The appoinment and training of an effective management and supervisory team.

b. The specification issued.

c. The selection and correct use of materials and equipments from our main suppliers who also provide training and instruction in the use of their equipment and materials. All the equipment and materials used by Bumi Tunggal Maju Sdn. Bhd. shall comply with the establishment and maintenance of their right quality of service and standards within the hospital environment.


3.Main Methods Of Quality Control

Our main methods of quality control will be exercised through:

a. Regular physical checks carried out by our management and supervisory staff using check list.

b. Discussion with officers in charge.

c. Reports made by our Senior Managers resulting from regular monthly visits designed to monitor our overall performance.


Physical checks will be carried out daily, weekly and monthly by our Contract Managers, Supervisors on a planned basis.

Spot checks will also be made regularly on specific aspects of the cleaning operation (e.g. on sanitary or public areas) and to follow up and monitor areas where the regular checks have revealed defects or unacceptable standards.

Checklists are also provided for Periodical Cleaning. These will be provided for the signature of your officers or authorized representatives to confirm that the work has been completed satisfactorily.

Additionally, our Operation Manager and General Manager will conduct an in depth quality control check monthly.Defect forms will be issued to officers, should they wish to use them to record complaints to be made directly to our managers or supervisors or by telephone, so that quick remedial action can be taken.

Our quality control report, checklist and records will be maintained in our site office at each zone and will be made available for inspection by your authorized staff.

We cannot stress adequately the great importance which we place on quality control and proper liaison. It is our assurance and your guarantee that the works are being carried out satisfactorily.


The main activities of our implementation plan will be carried out concurrently.

To be full prepared to take on cleaning operations professionally , our internal procedures and resources mobilization must obviously be in place.

To carry out a more than satisfactory level of service to all our customer , we believe that focus must be made in interfacing our activities with the activities.Hence, it is a vital that we understand how daily activities are carried out in order that we carry out our role with minimizing instructions to staff.


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